ME 463 Poster Guidelines

ME 463 Poster Guidelines - Avoid embedded equation objects,...

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ME 463 Poster Guidelines Posters will be printed ONCE , so check carefully for typos etc. before submitting. Posters should be designed in PowerPoint at the size they need to be printed. Upscaling an 8 ½ x 11 file to poster size during printing will not work. Files should be submitted for printing in PowerPoint format. Poster are limited to 35” maximum in their shorter dimension. Recommended maximum size 35 x 48, either portrait or landscape format. Avoid using typefaces that are not a part of the standard Windows installation.
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Unformatted text preview: Avoid embedded equation objects, Excel files, PDF objects, and vector-based images. Convert these to jpegs before placing into PowerPoint. Avoid huge embedded images; downscale images to a reasonable size and resolution before inserting into PowerPoint. Example: 11x14 600dpi > 5x7 300dpi No solid color backgrounds they saturate the paper and cause it to ripple. See below. This not this....
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