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Lab Rules 1. Safety glasses are to be worn at all times while in this lab. 2. Appropriate Clothing is required. ( See Dress Code Below ) 3. Do not use or operate anything you are not sure about. 4. Consult Mike Sherwood Lab Manager to answer any questions. 5. Leave your work area cleaner than you found it. 6. Return all tools to their proper place after use. 7. A material safety data sheet is required for any chemical brought into this lab. (Give a copy to the Lab Manager.) 8. All flammables and paints must be stored when not in use in the flammable
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Unformatted text preview: cabinet under the fume hood in Room 1202. 9. You must swipe your PUID to enter after 5:00pm. 10. When in doubt, ASK! Dress Code 1. Always wear safety glasses 2. No open shoes or high-heels (Feet and toes must be completely covered) 3. Long sleeves must be rolled up while working with machines 4. No watches or exposed jewelry may be worn while working on machines 5. Long hair must be tied back Contact Information PEARL Lab Manager: Mike Sherwood Room # 1180 Phone # 4-5651 E-mail : msherwoo@purdue.edu...
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