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Typical Course Prospectus

Typical Course Prospectus - ME 463 Engineering Design...

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ME 463: Engineering Design Spring Semester 2012 Course Prospectus Objectives The purpose of this course is to offer guided practice in integrating various engineering sciences into practical engineering design projects. The projects will emphasize problem definition, design conceptualization, modeling, approximation techniques, optimization, prototyping and testing. Conduct of the Course There are no formal lectures associated with the course. Groups of students will be formed to work as a team on each project, and also for the purpose of an oral special topic presentation. The organization of each group, and the manner in which it conducts its business, is the responsibility of the group itself. To allow time for experimental and fabrication activities, the projects are semester-long. In general, different classes will work on different projects. Some ME 463 projects involve outside (or industrial) collaborators who bring the projects to us and interact with us during the semester. Each of the seven ME 463 classes this semester has three regularly scheduled class periods per week: Hours Room Instructor MWF 7:30 ME 1185 John Nolfi MWF 8:30 ME 1185 John Nolfi MWF 9:30 ME 1185 Xianfan Xu MWF 10:30 ME 1185 Tahira Reid - GEARE MWF 11:30 ME 1185 John Nolfi - SAE MWF 12:30 ME 1185 Fu Zhao & Karthik Ramani MWF 1:30 ME 1185 John Nolfi MWF 2:30 ME 1185 John Starkey MWF 3:30 ME 1185 Hukam Mongia MWF 4:30 ME 1185 Greg Shaver & Peter Meckl All members of the class are expected to attend these sessions, which are partially devoted to class discussion, overall planning and scheduling of class activities, keeping everyone up-dated on the latest communication with industrial sponsors, establishing good procedures for conducting the design work, setting guidelines for reports and presentations, and the actual delivery of oral presentations by the student teams. During many of these class periods, the issues requiring the attention of the entire class can be dealt with at the beginning, allowing the majority of the time to be devoted to team work on the current project. Non-Conflicting Group Meeting Hours In addition to the MWF class hours, two additional hours per week have been scheduled (one on Tuesday and one on Thursday at your regular class time). The purpose of these hours is to assure that each group will have at least two conflict-free hours per week for group meetings and formal presentations. Your instructor expects that groups will meet during these hours as needed. Your instructor will also use these hours to arrange group meetings and/or conferences
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