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01- intro

01- intro - CGT 340 CGT 340 Digital Lighting and Rendering...

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Unformatted text preview: CGT 340 CGT 340 Digital Lighting and Rendering supervisor: e-mail: Office: Bedrich Benes Ph.D. Benes, Ph D [email protected] Knoy 313 Bedrich Benes, [email protected] Bedrich Benes, [email protected] Course Purpose The course will (should) provide the basic knowledge and skills required in creation of static photorealistic imagery with a bit of animation have an emphasis on a working knowledge of both i t l d b th virtual and real world li hti l ld lighting technologies and the tools necessary to create photorealistic imagery p g y Bedrich Benes, [email protected] Course Purpose (contd ) (contd.) The course will partially provide i d th k id in-depth knowledge of global l d f l b l illumination algorithms provide in-depth working knowledge of tools for creating photorealistic images Bedrich Benes, [email protected] Course Learning Outcomes To make intelligent choices in g composing an illustration To become aware of the physical and virtual technology of lighting To b T become sensitive to iti t the interaction of light and surfaces To understand and be able to setup basic lighting in an animation Course Learning Outcomes (contd) To understand the vocabulary and y graphical conventions of lighting design To b T become aware of the body of work ( ) f h b d f k (art) that lighting design is based upon To become aware of the career opportunities in lighting Bedrich Benes, [email protected] Bedrich Benes, [email protected] Requirements Textbooks: Jeremy Birn Digital Lighting and Rendering Any Maya book Supplies: 35mm camera (digital/disposable) 9x12 sketchbook color medium for drawing CD-R/DVD-R Evaluations Exams: Papers: Quizzes: Labs: Project #1: P j t #1 Project #2: Project #3: Bonus: 20% 5% 5% 10% 15% 20% 25% 10% => total 110% eh? Bedrich Benes, [email protected] Bedrich Benes, [email protected] Evaluations (contd ) (contd.) 90-100 A outstanding achievement > expected 80-89 B praiseworthy performance > expected 70-79 C minimum performance expectation 60-69 D performance and knowledge not acceptable 0-59 F failed course due to low performance Bedrich Benes, [email protected] Policies Students are expected to be prepared for each class (quizzes) Visit the course web for more policies. Missing classes will result in harder g classification Bedrich Benes, [email protected] Previous Work Previous Work Bedrich Benes, [email protected] Bedrich Benes, [email protected] Previous Work Previous Work Bedrich Benes, [email protected] Bedrich Benes, [email protected] ...
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