05-globillum theory - lumination Algorithms Illumination...

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Unformatted text preview: lumination Algorithms Illumination Algorithms Digital Lighting and Rendering GT 340 CGT 340 Bedrich Benes, bbenes@purdue.edu lobal Illumination Global Illumination The goal of global illumination is to model all possible paths of light the camera to the camera Bedrich Benes, bbenes@purdue.edu he Rendering Equation The Rendering Equation mathematical concept exists that 9 A mathematical concept exists that describes the process of light ansportation transportation 9 Includes BRDF and radiance 9 A bit complicated + = L L ) , ( ) , ( x x + r e s d L f g ' ' cos cos ) ' , ( ) , ' , ( ) ' , ( ) , ( ) , ( x x x x Bedrich Benes, bbenes@purdue.edu A f r || ' || 2 x x lobal Illumination Global Illumination Area light Diffuse-Diffuse Color leeding reflections bleeding Glossy reflection Transparency and refraction Soft shadow Bedrich Benes, bbenes@purdue.edu Caustics R.C.Moreno lobal Illumination Global Illumination ery special cases are articipating media 9 Very special cases are participating media 9 Volumetric effects, fog, fire, etc. 9 Usually not captured by the global illumination 9 Correct calculation is expensive 9 Particle systems can help y p Bedrich Benes, bbenes@purdue.edu austics Caustics aused by a focused light 9 caused by a focused light on a diffuse surface sult of a specular 9 result of a specular reflection and/or ansmission transmission 9 reflective glass, bottom of a swimming pool, reflected metal Bedrich Benes, bbenes@purdue.edu austics Caustics Bedrich Benes, bbenes@purdue.edu ocal Illumination Local Illumination akes into account: Takes into account: lights, viewer, and the surface point o fast o efficient an approximation o is an approximation o suitable for a hardware implementation Bedrich Benes, bbenes@purdue.edu lobal Illumination...
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05-globillum theory - lumination Algorithms Illumination...

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