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101 groups first questions s12

101 groups first questions s12 - Group#1 Web Design...

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Group #1 Web Design Students currently lack proficiency in design, software, coding communication and working with clients, needed to help guarantee successful job performance, without experience in these areas our flexibility, marketability and job performance outside college will be poor. It is our desire to learn these skills so that we may be successful web programmers and designers. Individual Statements: Jennifer Davis- I need to learn the skills and knowledge necessary to become a well versed and valuable web design and programmer, as well as an asset to a successful company. Travis Rother- We are looking to improve our skills in the latest technologies in design, development, and client interaction in order to become more marketable in the work area. Kyle Saunders- My personal problem statement would be to build a efficient skill level in coding to surpass the amateur or commercial coding in today’s society. Jacob Venable- I currently lack the knowledge in design, coding, and communication to contribute a sizable amount to an employer and eventually start my own, self-sustaining popular website that offers a service free of charge; therefore it is my desire to create a plan to leant the skills necessary to fulfill these goals. Joey Mustaklem- Web design and programming has been different across the board and my attempt would be to revolutionize or change the game. Tate Kirgiss- I currently lack the skills and knowledge to design and create websites that are appealing and functional and I aim to gain those skills and knowledge throughout the remainder of my time at Purdue. Joe Price- I currently lack the skills and knowledge to create functional web graphics and it is my desire to gain these skills and knowledge throughout the rest of my Purdue career. Questions: -What general skills are companies most interested in? -What does a web designer and programmer do? -What technical skills do web designers and programmers need? -What classes will help me with this? -Will I graduate on time? -Difference between program/design? -What are the skills we need to learn?
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-What knowledge? -Interships? Group #2 Though CGT students may know that they want to work in animations, it is necessary for one to clarify the knowledge and abilities which that goal entails and therefore the plan of study which enables one to obtain them. Individual Statements: Ben Sloan- Further, if one wants to become a modeler and character animator, what outside study is necessary to do this? Zak Osburn- Since I will be in character design/high definition modeling/texturing, it is important that I focus on those areas in animation as well as anything to better improve my artistic ability. Amanda Postolowski- Clariy the difference between gaming and animation.
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101 groups first questions s12 - Group#1 Web Design...

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