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101r1 - A Role of Information Technology and CGT(comments...

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A Role of Information, Technology and CGT (comments and vomments) Utilizing existing and emerging technologies, Computer Graphics Technology (CGT) professionals seek to enable efficient and effective communication . These individuals seek to provide valid information at the point of decision-making. Peter F. Drucker describes the next information revolution as one that must collect, organize and present to the (receiver) information from a broad spectrum of sources. The disparity of the sources of information is essential to good decision- making. He contends that business success is based on the creation of value and wealth. This requires risk-taking decisions based on good information (Drucker, 1998). The CGT curriculum emphasizes learning by discovery and engagement . Exploring afforded human communication opportunities coupled with validating communication processes are endeavors rather unique to CGT. Perception is explored as a cognate process and communication as the externalization of cognition. The brain is the home of
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