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Actionscript - -Play Scene 2 and frame 1(replace Scene name...

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Actionscript –  Copy and paste it onto your actionscript panel button.onRelease = function() { play(); loadMovie("a.swf", _root.origin); }; - When producer click and release the ‘ button’ , load  a.swf file to ‘ origin ’ locator - Make sure to name your button and your locator!! gotoAndPlay(" Scene 2", 
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Unformatted text preview: -Play Scene 2 and frame 1 (replace Scene name and frame number to go to different Scene)-To go to Scene 3, you will type in gotoAndPlay(‘Scene3, 1); loadMovie(" b.swf", _root. origin);-After playing a.swf, load b.swf to ‘origin’ locator. Stop();-Stop your flash file....
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