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CGT 101 (Spring 2010) Envision Center Tour (6.1) 1. Really cool simulator. Great Job. 2. Hires students. 3. 2-3 weeks to create a 40 hour week. 4. Unreal freeware Q3 engine. 5. How powerful is the computer running this simulation, compared to the average desktop PC? 6. What does ODC stand for? 7. What other types of programs do you create this way? 8. Where did the duck thing start and why? 9. Would the Envision Center be helpful to me if I want to focus on construction graphics? 10. What are future plans for this? 11. How do I get involved? 12. What are all the different kinds of jobs involved in making a 3D space like the pharmacy in a real like business? 13. Thank you for the presentation. 14. How much of the VR display is coding? 15. What is unreal? 16. Where are programs like this? ? in the future? 17. How do you make the individual models, like the shelves?
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Unformatted text preview: 18. Great presentation! 19. I’m curious as to how this program will act when fully developed. 20. How long did this take? 21. How long did it take to generate the environment on Maya? 22. What else prepares people for gaming? 23. What percentage of people at the EC went through CGT? 24. To do a home ? Through, would you need much programming? 25. How much money does it takes to finance a place like the EC? 26. How long did it take to make the clean room? 27. How many different programs did you use? 28. With the cave are you thinking about trying to use the new glasses less? – 3D technology (newest 3D TV’s without the need for glasses) 29. What kind of hardware is the cave computer running? 30. Do you have a name for your check launcher?...
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