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Department of Computer Graphics Oddvertising Project Video compositing is used extensively in television advertising to create visual imagery that can't be produced using standard video editing techniques. Nowhere is this more evident than in Oddvertising, where the goal is to create an advertising visual that is so odd or strange that people can't turn away. This is seen as highly risky in the advertising world. When it works (Burger King's Subservient Chicken & King) it is highly effective. However when it fails to make a connection between the product/service being sold with the user, it can be disasterous. Your task is to create a set of Oddvertising ad for a product or service or your choice. Assignment Objective Technical: Integrate Raster, Vector and Sound, Use of Masking, Multi-Layered graphics, Color correction, delivery of the same content over different medium with different data-rates and aspect-ratios.
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Unformatted text preview: • Design: Design a product that has the highly-polished look that accompanies marketing materials. • Project Management: Interact realistically with a client. Deliverables • Upload both of your files to the class's YouTube account [account information will be provided in class] • Put (a) a description of your project [ie. CGT 346 Project I], and (b)the name of all of your group members into the YoutTube's video description. Each copy of your file should have a 3 second lead-in graphics with the following information: • Project Number, • Title of project • Names of all the people on the project • Length of video Hints 2) Do lots of sample renders!!! 3) Keep all original files, never delete. Grading Criteria 45% Technical (Frame Rate, Field Order, Color legality, Aspect Ratio.) 45% Design 10% Presentation (Client Interaction, Pre-production documentation, etc.)...
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