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Demo Lecture2 - • Move • Rotate • Scale • Stretch...

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Demo Lecture #2 Important Topics or Commands Chapter 6- Basic Drawing Setup Units Decimal Engineering Architectural Fractional Scientific Limits Theoretical paper size Snap Grid Polar Grid Ltscale Dimscale Dtext Mtext Hatch. Chapter 7- Object Snap and Tracking Helping commands that allow user exact placement of objects endpoint center insert intersection midpoint Object Snap Tracking Helps user draw objects at specific angles and in a specific relationship to other objects. Chapter 8- Drawing Commands Coordinate Entry Interactive Absolute Cartesian Relative Cartesian Absolute Polar Relative Cartesian Line Circle Arc Point Pline Chapter 9- Modify Commands I Erase
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Unformatted text preview: • Move • Rotate • Scale • Stretch • Lengthen • Trim • Extend • Break • Explode Chapter 10- Modify II commands • Copy- makes a duplicate of object selected a specified distance away • Mirror- makes a duplicate of the object selected, but as a mirror would reproduce it- backwards. Also can be a specified distance away. • Offset- Draws the object exactly a perpendicular distance away from the object • Array- makes one or several duplicate objects a specified distance either in a rectangular arrangement or circular (polar) arrangement. • Fillet- creates a curved corner • Chamfer- cuts the corner off of an object, flat edged though....
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Demo Lecture2 - • Move • Rotate • Scale • Stretch...

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