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Exercise 1 - Solar System: Hierarchical Animation DUE DATE: Tuesday September 6th 2011 by Midnight For this exercise, you will set up a mock solar system using textured spheres, set it to motion using hierarchical animation, render a 300 frame animation flipbook, and compile your flipbook to a movie at 800x600 resolution in the .mov format. Step 1 : Build the solar system using textured spheres - In Maya, the sphere is a procedural model. For this assignment, I'd prefer you use polygon spheres. You can find bitmap textures for the planets online with a little bit of research, and you can apply each to the color channel of a new lambert shader. The sun should have both incandescence and glow. For each planet, add a proper number of moons. Again, planetary moon information can be found online with just a little bit of research. Step 2 : Set up the hierarchy of the planets and moons - The planets should each be individually grouped with their moons. The pivot of each group should be at the center of the sun. The moons should have their
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Unformatted text preview: pivots moved to the center of their respective planets. Label each planet group for ease of animation. Step 3 : Set up the animation- Each planet group should have a slightly different amount of rotation around the sun. Each individual planet should also rotate on its central axis. Each moon should have a slightly different amount of rotation around its planet Step 4 : Render the Scene- This scene should be rendered in Maya Software. You should render to a .tga format. Each frame should be labeled "name_#.extension" or "name#.extension" with frame padding of 3 or higher. 300 frames should be rendered at 800x600 resolution. Compile the movie - Bring the .tga sequence into Adobe After Effects, and compile the movie to the .tga format. Double and triple check the movie to make sure it's working. Submit only the movie file to the G drive with proper naming convention "Lastname_FirstInitial_EX1.mov"....
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