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Exercise 2 - NURBS Antique Model DUE DATE: Tuesday September 13th 2011 by Midnight For this exercise you will be creating an old timey telephone using NURBS. The final submission will be a 300 frame animation of the telephone featuring a slow rotation around the phone showing off all its features. This type of animation is what is described as a 'turntable' in the animation industry and is often used to display models in portfolios. Step 1 : Model the phone using NURBS - Select a picture of a phone from the G Drive or find one online. The phone should be modeled using a variety of the NURBS tools. Lofting, revolving, and extruding along a path will be the most commonly used tools.
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Unformatted text preview: Step 2 : Set up the animation- The camera should rotate around the model showing off its various features. Step 3 : Render the Scene- This scene should be rendered in Maya Software. You should render to a .tga format. Each frame should be labeled "name_#.extension" or "name#.extension" with frame padding of 3 or higher. 90 frames should be rendered at 800x600 resolution. Compile the movie - Bring the .tga sequence into Adobe After Effects, and compile the movie to the .tga format. Double and triple check the movie to make sure it's working. Submit only the movie file to the G drive with proper naming convention "Lastname_FirstInitial_EX2.mov"....
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