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Exercise 4

Exercise 4 - Render the Scene This scene should be rendered...

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Exercise 4 - G Man Exercise 4 - G Man Unwrapping and Texturing - DUE DATE: Wednesday October 19th 2011 by Midnight For this exercise you will be unwrapping the G Man model you created and texturing it. The final submission will be a 90 frame animation of the G Man featuring a slow rotation around the model showing off all of the texturing done. Step 1 : Unwrap the model - Unwrap the model using the planar, cylindrical, and spherical mapping tools. Position the resultant UV islands appropriately and take a UV snapshot. Step 2 : Texture the model - Use the UV snapshot to paint the model as you see fit. Step 3
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Unformatted text preview: : Render the Scene- This scene should be rendered in Maya Software. You should render to a .tga format. Each frame should be labeled "name_#.extension" or "name#.extension" with frame padding of 3 or higher. 90 frames should be rendered at 800x600 resolution. Compile the movie - Bring the .tga sequence into Adobe After Effects, and compile the movie to the .tga format. Double and triple check the movie to make sure it's working. Submit the movie file to the G drive with proper naming convention "Lastname_FirstInitial_EX4.mov." as well as the project folder with the associated maya file....
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