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Exercise 5 - Use the paint weights tool to paint the...

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Exercise 5 - G Man Exercise 5 - G Man Rigging and Posing - DUE DATE: Tuesday October 25th 2011 by Midnight For this exercise you will be rigging and posing the G Man model you created. The final submission will be a 90 frame animation of the G Man featuring a slow rotation around the model showing off the pose. Step 1 : Create the skeleton - Place joints so to create the skeleton and use the mirror joint tool to duplicate joints across the center axis. Step 2 : Paint weights
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Unformatted text preview: - Use the paint weights tool to paint the weights onto the character. Step 3 : Pose the character- Pose the character using the rig you created for the G Man. Step 4 : Render the Scene- Render out a .mov playblast with x-ray joints shading selected and bones and controllers visible . 90 frames should be rendered at 800x600 resolution. Submit the playblast movie file to the G drive with proper naming convention "Lastname_FirstInitial_EX5.mov."...
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