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Exercise 7

Exercise 7 - Submission Each assignment will be submitted...

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Exercise 7 - Render DUE DATE: Tuesday December 6th 2011 by Midnight For this exercise you will be texturing and rendering the cave scene found on the G Drive (goto handouts and download the file entitled "MaterialExerciseStart.mb"). The final submission will be a 90 frame animation of the scene. Step 1 : Apply textures and materials to the scene - Find suitable textures and create materials for the objects that would be suitable. Step 2 : Light the scene - Create lights to illuminate the scene. Step 3 : Render the Scene - This scene should be rendered in Mental Ray. Render out a single image to submit. Submit the .jpg file to the G drive with proper naming convention "Lastname_FirstInitial_EX7.jpg.
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Unformatted text preview: Submission Each assignment will be submitted digitally to the G drive. If submitting multiple files, consider zipping the folder to avoid transfer issues. Conventions: • All files will be contained within a folder labeled "Lastname_Firstinitial_PROJECTorLAB#" • All final rendered images or movies will be labeled "Lastname_Firstinitial_PROJECTorLAB#.extension" Do not submit scene files or any extra material to the G drive. But save and maintain all scene files for all labs and projects just in case!...
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