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Unformatted text preview: Department of Computer Graphics Final Project: 30 Second Commercial Description This is the last and most significant assignment in the course. It is intended to gauge how well you have mastered the principles of digital video, editing, and compositing by asking you to create a 30-second broadcast quality commercial. In particular emphasis the use of technical/effects compositing. Each group must come up with a unique scenario that involves involve the selling of an object or a service. Your group will be responsible for creating a 30-second commericial that utalizes effects-compositing techniques. You should conctrate on using techniques that showcase your ability to manipulate video using special-effect compositing. While editing is a component of this project, and should be done well; this is not an editing assignment. It is a compositing assignment, and should reflect those skills. At a minimum your assignment should utilize masking, rotorscoping, and color-correction techniques. You might also your assignment should utilize masking, rotorscoping, and color-correction techniques....
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