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Lettering - o Include every number 5 Other than that make...

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Lettering #1 Lettering- Life Story--- or whatever Point Value- 10/10 Due- week 2 beginning of lab Goal: Develop a good technical lettering style Helpful PDF Files; Lettering Guidelines Lettering Style 1 Lettering Style 2 Procedures: 1. Start with a blank sheet of paper: Either totally blank or Horizontal ruled paper 2. If you have a blank sheet of paper, then place a ruled piece of paper behind to use as guidelines for your lettering 3. Start off with your name and course number 4. Then, Start writing! Tell me about you life, or write your favorite poem, make up some wild story, .... whatever you want. o Requirements for lettering o All CAPS o Include every letter in the alphabet
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Unformatted text preview: o Include every number 5. Other than that, make sure to cover 3/4-1 page with lettering Hints: 1. Sit down to watch your favorite TV show 2. Start lettering 3. Occasionally glance up to see important parts of the television show 4. When you hand starts to cramp, STOP! Rest you hand for a bit, then continue lettering 5. Your main goal is to get the top of the page lettering to look like the bottom of the page lettering o Of course- it must be neat as well 6. Once you have completed 3/4 of the page- start thinking about stopping in the next couple lines. 7. Turn in assignment to Lab TA at the beginning of the next lab period....
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