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Lettering #2- Develop good technical lettering Point Value- To be determined every week- lettering point value will get progressively larger throughout semester in hopes that your lettering will improve. DON'T forget! Due Date- Ongoing throughout semester. Goal: Develop a good technical lettering style Proceedures: 1. This is going to be an ONGOING semester assignment. 2. Each sketch you turn in for evaluation WILL have good technical lettering.
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Unformatted text preview: 3. The sketch will be accompanied by verbal information to describe the visual information 4. Both Visual and Verbal information will be evaluated. 5. Your name and section number will be placed on the assignment as well. Turn-in 1. Nothing to turn in for this assignment 2. Your lettering will be evaluated throughout each sketch or Scale Reading and a point value will be given to include in a space for Lettering 2 assignment....
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