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Project 1 - 16 fixed costs for the project are $7,000 per...

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Project 1 -Design Information Shape Decription 1 You are the Information Engineer (InE) for a commercial 2 swimming pool contractor. Your company’s designer has 3 just handed you a document of a fairly complex pool shape. 4 You are required to refine the design and create a document 5 for field personal. You should create a plan view (2D) to 6 effectively communicate the shape and size information to 7 construction workers preparing to excavate the site. The 8 crew needs to begin construction immediately to maintain 9 the schedule. 10 The pool is being constructed in a large area adjacent to a 11 new hotel. 12 To enable excavation, the crew just needs enough 13 information to correctly paint the pool geometry on the 14 ground. Failure to successfully and efficiently communicate 15 the information will result in costly delays. The current daily
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Unformatted text preview: 16 fixed costs for the project are $7,000 per day. In short, your 17 job may depend on being able to quickly and clearly 18 communicate the needed information. 19 Although competent at their jobs, the crew has an average 20 reading level of 5.8 and math skills of 6.1. This means that 21 their ability to read is equal to a fifth grader in their 8th 22 month of school. Their math skills are slightly better than a 23 beginning sixth grader. However, it should be noted with 24 emphasis, the crew is very capable, professional and 25 competent in their area of expertise - namely, building 26 swimming pools! 27 The job site is in South Korea. The site ‘Contractor Project 28 Office’ is equipped with computer, internet, telephone and 29 copy/fax machine. 30...
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Project 1 - 16 fixed costs for the project are $7,000 per...

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