Syllabus - CGT 226 Introduction to Constraint-based...

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CGT 226 Introduction to Constraint-based Modeling Prerequisite: CGT 116 or CGT 163 Times: Lecture M, W 10:30-11:20 (GRIS 280) Times: Labs Lab Division 003: Tuesday 9:30-11:20 (PHYS 014) Lab Division 004: Tuesday 11:30-1:20 (PHYS 014) Lab Division 005: Wednesday 1:30-3:20 (PHYS 026) Course Instructor Professor Michael Gabel Office: 343 Knoy Hall Email: [email protected] Please include your course number & lab division number on all emails. Office Hours: Monday: 12:30-2:30, Tuesday:8:30-9:30, Thursday: 8:30-9:30 Course Description This course is the continuation of the techniques used in the construction and manipulation of constraint-based solid models and assemblies. Emphasis is on extracting data from these databases. Downstream applications of these databases and their impact on the overall product design processes are explored. Course Objectives Demonstrate basic fluency in constraint-bases solid modeling techniques. Create effective 3D CAD data to support the incorporation of design intent. Demonstrate a basic understanding of downstream applications of solid modeling databases. Demonstrate the ability to produce professional isometric and orthographic freehand sketches. Course Standards
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All freehand sketches must be done in pencil on grid paper with hand lettering (no script) and include your Last Name, First Name and your lab division number. Catia file Naming Convention (unless otherwise noted): lab division #_lastname_assignment # (for all Catia files) EXAMPLE: 003_Gabel_05 All features (that you create) in your Catia files must be renames appropriately in the specification tree. Create sixteen weekly folders on your “H” drive to organize your CGT 226 work. Backup all CGT 226 files on removable media of your choice Flash disk or some other media to archive course work. All Catia sketches must be fully constrained. Course Materials Recommended Text Bertoline, GR & Wiebe, EN (2005). Fundamentals of Graphics Communication (5 th edition . Required Supplies .25 inch isometric grid paper and .25 inch orthographic grid paper. Use on line sources to print these grids. Use a color printer with a light color so your line work is visible. There are many on-line sources for downloading these grids. Example:
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Syllabus - CGT 226 Introduction to Constraint-based...

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