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CGT 501 Assignment 1: Getting to know you Directions: Please provide the following requested information for the purposes of this course. Submit your work as a PDF by email to your professor by Thursday prior to the next class session. Name: Email: Phone: Linkedin: Facebook: Self portrait: (Replace me) Directions: Please answer the following questions using complete sentences when appropriate. Use bullet-lists when appropriate. Make sure to pay attention to grammar and punctuation. This assignment should be word-process and spell- checked. 1. Why are you going to graduate school? 2. Why did you choose to enroll in the MS in Computer Graphics Technology? 3. Where did you attend high school? 4. Where did you obtain your BS degree?
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Unformatted text preview: 5. What was your undergraduate major? 6. Academically, what are you most interested in? 7. Personally, what are you most interested in? 8. What do you expect to get out of your MS degree? 9. What professional organization do you belong to? 10. List the professional or technical journal that you read? 11. What do you want to do after you graduate? 12. What other courses are you taking this semester? 13. If you have an assistantship explains what you are doing? 14. If you are working but not as a graduate assistant, explain what you are doing? 15. What if any work experience do you have related to this major? M I Sarapin Page 1...
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