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Unformatted text preview: CGT 501 MS Seminar in Computer Graphics Technology fall 2010 Assignment 2: Time Management Introduction: Time management skills are very important outcomes for graduate students and working processionals. This activity is designed to help you analyze how you spend your valuable resource of time. In this activity you will first make a quick estimate of the time you think you spend on a number of activities using the following tool borrowed from Virginia Tech: Directions: Go to the above listed tool and enter your estimate as to how you spend your time. This is a quick starting point for this assignment. Please keep a record of your complete estimate. Starting on the 1st full day after this topic is presented in class, develop and keep a detailed log of your daily activities with a record of your actual time per activity. You are expected to develop your own plan for the recordkeeping. Continue your log for at least a full week including weekdays and weekend days. At the end of your recordkeeping period go back to the time tool and do another analysis but this time use the data collected in this activity. Deliverables: Develop a report to be submitted by e‐mail to the course professor after the data collecting period. Please include the following: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. A record of your initial time management estimate based on the VT tool. A copy of your time management log recorded during the data collation period. A record of your time management profile based on your post activity VT tool. An analysis of the difference (if any) from your Pre‐ and Post‐data collection time spent for the charted activities. Include the above in a concise report to include: a. Introduction‐time management b. The Problem‐how do I spend my time c. Methodology‐how I approached the assignment d. Analysis of the data collected‐include 1‐4 above e. Findings‐what did you find about how you spend your time f. Summary and Conclusions‐what did you find out from this activity. This report will by word processed using Times New Roman 12pt double spaced with 1” margins. Proof read and spell check your work. You are allocated 2 weeks to complete and submit this assignment. M I Sarapin Page 1 ...
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