Cg and OpenGL

Cg and OpenGL - Class overview and Bedich Bene Ph.D Purdue...

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9/27/2010 1 and Bed ř ich Beneš, Ph.D. Purdue University Department of Computer Graphics © Bedrich Benes Class overview how to link OpenGL and Cg 1. create the Cg context 2. define programs 3. load vp and fp 4. enable/disable profile 5. bind vps and fps © Bedrich Benes Create the Cg context Say that a Cg will be used - context Cg context is a container for Cg programs usually one per program static CGcontext context=NULL; context= cgCreateContext() ; if (!context) exit(-1); //the entire program goes here… cgDestroyContext(context); © Bedrich Benes Define programs Define variables for programs programs are loaded and compiled one program – one variable static CGprogram vp=NULL,fp=NULL; vp= cgCreateProgramFromFile (context,CG_SOURCE,”", CG_PROFILE_VP40,”entryVP”,NULL); fp= cgCreateProgramFromFile (context,CG_SOURCE,”", CG_PROFILE_FP40,”entryFP”,NULL);
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9/27/2010 2 © Bedrich Benes Define programs CGprogram cgCreateProgramFromFile( CGcontext context, CGenum program_type, const char *file, CGprofile profile, const char *entry, const char **args); context: cgContext to which this is added program_type: CG_SOURCE, CG_OBJECT file: filename
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Cg and OpenGL - Class overview and Bedich Bene Ph.D Purdue...

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