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CGT411_product eval f1110.2

CGT411_product eval f1110.2 - CGT 411 Product Review F1 1...

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CGT 411 Product Review F11 Marshfellows - sounds cumbersome, a lot of work still needs to happen to make this functional. Burnt wings - when does the level end!? What happens when you win/lose? How is this rewarding? Game experience? Collision detection? Mobile resumel portfolio- Can you put videos? Burnt Wing - How can you implement speed? Voxee- Will this become an app too? Marshfellows - Buttons need to be more descriptive on what they do and easy to see Burnt Wing Studios - Game looks pretty good and functions well for this stage in project Hero studios - Looks pretty good, they need to start developing Asobi Studios - still not Marshfellows: Looks like they have done what they could with what they have been given and are able to complete. The mock ups looked good minus some of the color combos. Burnt Wing: Demo looked like it worked well reacting to the movements. Product look well developed so far. Asobi: Blog had a really nice clean design. I’m a little confused about where the main bulk of the product is. Mobile Pen Works: App looked nice on the iPad. Looks like they have been working hard on a lot of the different elements. I need to get into Inbahx Beta. Looks solid. Marsh Fellows: -Mobile app why? Bogs + Mobile = Soggy Phone -if you make a mock up it would be much easier to visualize Burnt Wing: Why are you so awesome? Game is really cool. Tail is in two pieces. Character looks good, but do we get to see the rest of him? Do you have a “free roam” version that could be a little less intensive? Looks fun! Hero: Good choice of pictures, I approve. Do your overlays obscure the subject? Is that a concern?
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Asobi: Awesome frog character. Also nice use of assonance frog, blog, bog. So are you just trying to raise awareness? Mobile Pen Works: Goal idea with the website for upload “Quick Pitch” nice. Marshfellows: 8 Burnt Wing Studios: 9 What about patients with problems other than flapping motion? Nevermind they answered it. Asobi: 7 X4: 9 Marshfellows : Good stuff. Sounds like its coming along well. “Aerial Explorer” icon co uld be something like an eye instead of a plane. Burnt Wing: Looks good. Never doubted you, really. Hero Studios: You guys need to at least develop the ui. Even without a camera, get the other parts of your app done . Possibly swipe between overlays in the same group. (e.g. different setups of portraits, # of people in a group) Asobi: The cogs are falling into place. It sounds like it’s just a matter of continuing what you’re doing. Mobile Pen Works: Good work, guys! Marshfellows: How are you going to advertise it, to get the general public using it? How are you going to get the trails show up clearly for people hard of seeing? Burnt Wing Studios:
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CGT411_product eval f1110.2 - CGT 411 Product Review F1 1...

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