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CGT411StudentGoalsF11 - CGT 411 Tom Grider My professional...

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CGT 411 Tom Grider My professional goal is to get a job with Rolls-Royce Indianapolis or other company in Lafayette. If that does not work out then I have planned to join the air force and after that see what kind of jobs are available. If none of that works out I will find work somewhere I like construction. Joe Imperato My professional goal, as vague as it may be, is simply to find success with whatever I put my mind to. With the intent to become a producer, I strive to develop the networking, professional writing, speaking, and organizational skills required to be effective. Andrew Feldkamp My goal is to secure a position creating architectural imagery and documentation to aid in the design and construction of buildings. Joshua Fernandez In the future, I plan to obtain a position in Asia and/or the US for an international company doing media graphics for advertisements, graphics in education, and/or pre-production for the entertainment industry. While my original affinity for pre-production graphics involving artwork and design is still present within the US, my interests have broadened from a recent experience. I had the opportunity to te4ach English in China and that experience has led my interest grow in the area of graphics in education due to the lack of technology and utilization of graphics within the classroom. Within finding work abroad, I hope to utilize my ability to create and develop western influenced design to a foreign audience. I hope to in one way or another, use my experience and knowledge to allow design influence from the west to reach our friends in the east. Glen Keller -Become a technical director within a software/print media studio of some sort. -Gain experience in both the areas of management and business relations as well as enhancing my skills as a graphic designer. -Begin working on a side project (e.x. a cartoon website) with a side focus on the latest topics in computer graphics. -After gaining experience and knowledge in working in already established studios and companies, branch off and create a studio with an emphasis in graphic design. -Gain company relations and integrate the studio among the computer graphics community with competitions and things of the nature.
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-Teach computer graphics at a community college (smaller college) where I can pass on what I have learned. Nicholas Wicks My professional goal is to become a 3D animator for a AAA title gaming company. I would like to focus on weapons and armor models for massive multiplayer online video games. Moreover, I would like to be the artistic director in charge of the textured models to be released for live game play. Logan Schuck My professional goal upon graduation is to become employed by either a game developer of animation studio. I would like to use this initial employment to gain industry experience. After two to four years in this I would like to move to the position of technical director at a game developer. During my time as a technical director I would like to
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CGT411StudentGoalsF11 - CGT 411 Tom Grider My professional...

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