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General Guidelines

General Guidelines - 3 There is a 1” printing margin...

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General Guidelines 411 Poster Printing services General Guidelines 1. You must notify Prof. Cory in order to request a print job. 2. Notification of a print request must be made via email with an attachment of the JPEG file. 3. There must be a detailed description of the print out size, layout, and any additional requests for the printout in the email at the time the request is made. 4. Once your poster is printed, it is your responsibility to pick it up ASAP from Professor Cory. Poster Printing Requirements: Each of the conditions listed below must be followed in order to use Professor Cory’s printer. 1. No solid backgrounds will be accepted-patterned backgrounds are acceptable. 2. Gradient Backgrounds will be looked at and decided upon.
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Unformatted text preview: 3. There is a 1” printing margin around the entire image-keep all your graphics inside this area 4. The images CANNOT Be more than 100 dpi in Photoshop. 5. I have the ability to print 36” wide and will ONLY do up to 48” long or Arch E paper 6. Submit a JPEG as the format to print. 7. If you submit a Photoshop file- I may not have the fonts and my computer will replace them. I will not be responsible for the font change notice for printing. 8. There will be a days notice for printing. Once printed, it MUST be picked up within 1 day. 9. I will NOT rush your prints; the prints may take up to 3 days to get printed. Do not push the issue!...
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