PlantIllum Proposal - The primary element of the outreach component is the PlantIllum web portal The PlantIllum portal will contain interactive

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PlantIllum: A Non-destructive System for Measuring Irradiance in Plant Growth Chambers PlantIllum is a collaborative research project between scientists in horticulture and computer graphics and has been submitted to the NSF for funding consideration. The project seeks to bring technologies and techniques from computer graphics to help horticulture scientists develop non- destructive methods of measuring the amount of light that is in a plant growth chamber. PlantIllum involves both a strong scientific research component and an educational outreach component whose goal is to teach students about the science and technology that drives the PlantIllum system.
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Unformatted text preview: The primary element of the outreach component is the PlantIllum web portal. The PlantIllum portal will contain interactive applets, illustrations, text descriptions, research papers, source code, and raw experiment data. The PlantIllum team is looking for help designing: a) the graphical look of the portal, b) the overall web portal layout, structure, and organization, and, c) web-based games that help teach some of the scientific principles the PlantIllum project is based upon. If this project is of interest to your team, contact Dr. David Whittinghill at [email protected] ....
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