Primary Greatness

Primary Greatness - Primary Greatness (quotes from ch.4)...

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Primary Greatness (quotes from ch.4) Positive personality traits, while often essential for success, constitute secondary greatness. Private victory precedes public victory. Self-mastery and self-discipline are the roots of good relationships with others. Without trust we won't achieve primary greatness or lasting success. ..If there isn't deep integrity and fundamental character strength, true motives will eventually surface and human relationships will fail. Emerson, "What you are shouts so loud in my ears I cannot hear what you say.". ..what we are communicates far more eloquently than anything we say or do. When the basic source of a person's definition of himself is the social mirror, he may confuse the mirror reflection with his real self; in fact, he may begin to believe and accept the image in the mirror, even rejecting other, more positive views of himself unless they show the distortions he has come to accept. The antidote for a poisoned self-image is the affirmation of your worth and
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Primary Greatness - Primary Greatness (quotes from ch.4)...

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