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Project 13 DODD - editing so the system must walk them...

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Here are the potential projects. We can only support one this year, but these are the ones we would love to work on. Roadie Food Application Web and Mobile web based application capable of storing and displaying user entered quick food options near live entertainment venues. The intended end user is A/V tech crew, concert, or touring production personel looking for good food within a short distance. Restaurants have the ability to advertise for a fee, but listings can be submitted anonymously. No user names, no account setup, etc. Social media integration is desired, but not required. HTML 5 Video Editing Create an HTML5 Web application capable of completing simple video editing tasks, such as cutting video clips, placing graphics in between clips, and placing music/sound under video. End user may have very little experience with video
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Unformatted text preview: editing, so the system must walk them through the process of creating an aesthetically pleasing product without much thought. Think iMovie (for Mac) on the web. File Management Application Create an Adobe Air (or other cross platform) application capable of scanning available hard disks, displaying, and offering multiple methods of organizing video files based on each file¹s metadata. Application should back data up to offsite server and allow users to search for video files by hard drive, even when that particular drive is not attached. Average end user has mid-advanced computer knowledge. I'll still plan on being there Friday between 2.45 and 3, but I will confirm that either tomorrow or Tuesday. Take care, Scott Renick Dodd Technologies, Inc. Tyler Truss Systems, Inc. [email protected] C 317.294.9798 O 765.221.5010...
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