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Uttaran project s12

Uttaran project s12 - illiterate communities in those...

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Dear Prof. Burton, This is Uttaran Dutta, a doctoral student in the Department of Communication, Purdue University. As per your directions I have prepared a CGT project brief for Spring 2012 semester. I sincerely apologize of the delay in communication. Please let me submit the project brief: Name of the Project: Designing Information Kiosks for underserved populations of developing countries. Description: This project primarily aims at reducing situated information gap in the underdeveloped spaces of third world countries. Many international organizations such as UN, USAID, and DFID are working in this domain to reduce the gap, and the installation of low-cost information kiosks is one of the options being considered. The kiosk will cater to the information needs of low-income, low-literate (and
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Unformatted text preview: illiterate) communities in those counties. More specifically, as part of this project, we will design a prototype of an information kiosk for indigenous communities of eastern India. As they do not have access to conventional electricity sources, the kiosk needs to be energy efficient (that is, the kiosk might use solar or other such energy sources). These communities are comfortable communicating in visual and sensory (e.g. tactile, audio) languages. Most importantly the design of the kiosk needs to be culture specific and should address the contextual information needs of the indigenous people. The kiosk design developed in this project can be implemented in those indigenous villages in summer 2012. Please let me know if I need to do anything else in this respect. Thanks and regards, Uttaran....
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