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X3 Positions - animator but not exclusively so 4 Animator...

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Positions: 1) Modeler - Ideally this person will have focused on developing their modeling abilities outside of the standard curriculum. Familiarity with either Maya or 3DS Max would be essential. 2) Texture Artist - This person will have experience with Photoshop and some with Maya. A fine arts background would be ideal. 3) * Technical Director - This person will need to be very comfortable with Maya and have experience rigging in it. Programming and scripting experience will be a plus. This position's viability is somewhat dependent on the presence of an
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Unformatted text preview: animator but not exclusively so. 4) * Animator - This person will have at the very least taken CGT 341. They should be comfortable with the animation workflow in Maya. Ideally they will have done some animation outside of a class setting. The necessity of this position is yet to be determined as it is unclear whether an animated character will be included in the animation. I would very much like to have that as an element we include, but from a standpoint of testing, it is not required. * - Indicates a flexible position....
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