psy 265 week 6 assignment

psy 265 week 6 assignment - There are many types of...

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There are many types of contraceptives that help prevent unplanned pregnancy. Some of these methods Tina and Dan are familiar and some they are not. One is abstinence, which is one they practiced before marriage, however the couple would like to become more intimate and do not want to have children right away. Here we will talk about the various methods of contraception, and the pros and cons of all of them. Birth control pills also known as oral Contraceptives, come in many forms, and they are divided into three major types. First type of pill is the combination pills; these contain a combination of synthetic estrogen and progesterone hormones. The Estrogen in the combination pills tricks the brain into thinking the woman is pregnant and no further ova mature, or is released for fertilization. The second type of pill contains only synthetic progesterone, which creates a barrier against sperm, and inhibits the development of the mucous membrane that lines the womb, this type of pill is called the minipill. If a sperms can survive and fertilize an ovum, it still would not be able to embed its self in the uterine wall and it would be removed from the body. Third time of pill is the morning after pill; this pill contains higher amounts of hormones that keep the fertilized ovum from implanting. The morning after pill can cause nausea and is
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psy 265 week 6 assignment - There are many types of...

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