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GOVT 2302 - Chapter 18 Assignment

GOVT 2302 - Chapter 18 Assignment - 1 The three main goals...

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1.) The three main goals of American foreign policy are security, prosperity, and the creation of a better world. To many Americans, the chief purpose of the nation’s foreign policy is protection of America’s security in an often hostile world. Traditionally, the United States has been concerned about threats that might emanate from other nations, such as Nazi Germany during the 1940s and then Soviet Russia until the Soviet Union’s collapse in the late 1980s. Today, American security policy is concerned not only with the actions of other nations, but also with the activities of terrorist groups and other hostile non-state actors, as well as with food and energy supplies and transportation and electronic infrastructures. Throughout its history, the United States has adopted or considered several different security policies, including isolationism, deterrence, preventive war, appeasement, and preemption. America’s international
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