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ME 340 – Chapter 4 Summary Circuits with inductors and capacitors can be analyzed for their transient and steady state responses to determine the current or voltage equations for the overall circuit. For steady state conditions in which the time is around 5 time constants for the circuit, inductors behave as short circuits, while capacitors behave as open circuits. First order or second order linear differential equations must be solved for one or two energy storage elements, respectively.
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Unformatted text preview: The transient response solution is the sum of the particular solution, also known as the forced response, and the homogeneous solution, also known as the natural response. The natural response for a second order circuit depends on the damping ratio and undamped resonant frequency. If the damping ratio is greater than one, the circuit is overdamped. If it is equal to one, the circuit is critically damped. And if it is less than one, the circuit is underdamped. 1...
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