ME 340 Project - Bond graphs

ME 340 Project - Bond graphs - Usman Ansari ME 340...

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Usman Ansari ME 340 – 05/10/2011 Mechatronics – Project 1 – Bond graphs The device that I am analyzing for my project is an Electrocardiogram (EKG). This device has a sensor that converts the voltage differential produced by the contraction of the human heart into an electrical signal that is filtered, amplified, and passed along the internal circuit to the computer where it appears as an AC signal that can be read for medical purposes. Since there is not really a major subsystem in the device where energy is converted from electrical to mechanical energy, I have decided to analyze another device that portrays this conversion of energy more apparently. I have researched the different electrical and mechanical components of the AC generator, which is a motor that converts mechanical energy into electrical energy. I have also created a bond graph model including the different components involved in the device. The bond graph formalism is a graphical approach to modeling, based on the concept of power and incorporating ideas from network theory in a general setting. The systems are modeled as a set of elements which exchange energy in a power-conserving way. Generally, the
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ME 340 Project - Bond graphs - Usman Ansari ME 340...

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