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ME 340 Project - Op Amp

ME 340 Project - Op Amp - Usman Ansari ME 340 ME 340...

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Usman Ansari 04/13/2011 ME 340 ME 340 – Project 1 – LM110 Operational Amplifier I have decided to analyze the LM110 Operational Amplifier. Attached is the spec sheet for the Op Amp that I have obtained from the manufacturer, National Semiconductor. Also provided is the internal schematic circuit layout of the op amp. The LM110 acts as a voltage follower, providing near unity voltage gain with a non- inverting output signal. Thus, one of the main uses of these types of op amps is to decrease or amplify the input current, while not affecting the voltage signal. Some applications where the LM110 voltage followers are used are sample and hold circuits and active filters, as well as general purpose buffers for transducers or other high- impedance signal sources. The performance of the LM110 is enhanced if it is both fast and has a low input bias current. It uses super gain transistors for enhanced performance. The LM110 has lower offset voltage drift, input current, and noise.
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