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Usman Ansari 04/06/2011 ME 340 ME 340 – Electrocardiogram Project 1 – BJT Transistor In the previous part of this project, I added a wheatstone bridge with a thermistor as the detector to detect and output a human body temperature when a human grasps the electrode, or thermistor. The resistance of the thermistor in the wheatstone bridge changes to accommodate changes in body temperature. Now I would like to add a Bipolar Junction Transistor (BJT) at the very end of my circuit, right after the signal passes through the low pass filter. This will be very useful since the low pass filter will have just attenuated the higher signals (above 250 Hz). Thus, if we amplify the lower frequency AC signals that are allowed to pass through the low pass filter, we will get a very nice, amplified signal output. This AC signal can be fed through an Analog to Digital converter to allow the signal to be viewed on a computer screen. I will use two DC battery supplies, one between the base and emitter of my transistor, and the other
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