ME 379M - Clinical Cardiology visit paper

ME 379M - Clinical Cardiology visit paper - Usman Ansari ME...

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Usman Ansari 10/31/2011 ME 379M – Clinical Cardiology Clinical Cardiology – Heart Hospital Experience I have had a wonderful experience at the Heart Hospital of Austin so far. As a mechanical engineer and a pre-med student, I have enjoyed the opportunity to observe the use of complex, cutting-edge medical equipment in surgical treatment of patients. In one of my experiences, I observed the cardiologist insert a long, thin catheter into the femoral artery by the groin area to check for major blockages in the heart of the patient. The doctor pushes the catheter up the arteries all the way up to the aortic valve, which is the largest artery in the body. He is able to watch the path of the catheter on a screen which is sort of like a live X-ray scan, but he is only able to see the path after he has injected a contrast die into the bloodstream. The left ventricle is the strongest chamber of the heart, outlined by thick layers of cardiac muscle tissue, which involuntarily act to pump blood out to the entire body. The arteries and arterioles are also thick, due to the extra smooth muscle tissue outlining these blood vessels. Thus, if there is a buildup of fat and LDL cholesterol in the cross section of the arteries, then simple fluid mechanics shows that the pressure will rise: P = F/A, since the cross-sectional area will decrease. This is what doctors in the cath-lab are usually looking for. If the fat buildup gets bad enough, blood pressure
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ME 379M - Clinical Cardiology visit paper - Usman Ansari ME...

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