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ME 353M Vanth Module 3 - and the ankles (right and left)....

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A. Generate Ideas After viewing the stick figure walking videos, we believe that the whole body center of mass (COM) for the average person (normal body weight) is located in between the pelvis and the trunk. The exact location of the center of mass will vary for each person, depending on each individual’s total body mass and the distributed mass in each segment of the body. D. Test Your Mettle To find the center of mass for the whole body of the person in the static position, we separated the body into four segments. The head, arms, and trunk (HAT) were lumped together and added to the pelvis as one entire segment with one center of mass location. The other three segments consisted of the thighs (right and left), shanks (right and left),
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Unformatted text preview: and the ankles (right and left). We found the center of mass of each of these four segments in the y-direction with respect to the ground. We then calculated the mass of each of the four segments. Finally we calculated the whole body center of mass in the y-direction by summing the product of the mass and COM of each segment, and then dividing this value by the sum of the masses of all four segments. After completing the calculations, we found that the whole body center of mass for the individual in the y-direction is located 0.79171 meters above the ground....
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