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If Jennings reported Retained earnings of 5000 for 2005 and Retained earnings of 10000 for 2006 in balance sheets, and net income of 40000 in their 2006 income statement, how much dividend paid in 2006? You are given the following data in 2006 financial report for ARC Inc: gross income was 80,000, operating income was $50,400, net income was $32,000, net sale was $60,000. What was the gross profit
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Unformatted text preview: margin in 2006? Depreciation xxx Management Salaries xxx Advertising xxx Long-term debt xxx Ending Inventory xxx Net fixed asset xxx Net Sales xxx Accounts Receivable xxx Interest Expense xxx Taxes xxx Accounts Payable xxx R&D Expenditures xxx Repairs and Maintenance xxx Cost of Goods Sold xxx What is the Net Profit (Net Income)?...
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