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Physics 3380, Quantum II Assignment 2 Due: February 10 in class (not later that day ) January-14-12 7:43 PM
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In this question you will obtain, in some detail, the complete solution to a problem that is actually a classical mechanics problem. In fact, you may well have encountered this problem in a classical mechanics course already. Nevertheless, it is important that you understand this problem thoroughly, since it not only illustrates the use of the mathematical techniques we talked about so far, but also because it illustrates the main features of the central problem in quantum mechanics. We work with the classical problem here, but the full treatment of the microscopic (i.e. the quantum) harmonic oscillator is the most important problem in modern physics, because the interactions it models show up in all sorts of physical pictures including, but not limited to, atomic physics, subatomic nuclear and particle physics, condensed matter physics, and other subject areas dealing with many-body systems. Normal mode solutions to the harmonic oscillator hamiltonian form the basis (meant in the mathematical sense of linear vector spaces) for most quantum field theories. The mechanical system in this problem consists of a pair of coupled harmonic
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pmwiki2 - January-14-12 7:43 PM Physics 3380, Quantum II...

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