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Stats HW 11 #5 - 0.9761 Prob < t 0.0239* c) From this...

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Mpg Distribution a) The graph of MPG distribution is show to the left. The distribution is skewed to the right. b) It is appropriate to use methods based on normal distributions to analyze this data. We will use T- distributions because the population standard deviation is not known. Mean test for MPG data Hypothesized Value 19 Actual Estimate 17.69 DF 19 Std Dev 2.76784 t Test Test Statistic -2.1166 Prob > |t| 0.0477* Prob > t
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Unformatted text preview: 0.9761 Prob < t 0.0239* c) From this JMP output we can conclude that with an alpha value of five percent we can reject the null hypothesis because there is enough evidence that the true MPG of this car is less then 19. d) The P-value used in this test is 0.0239, which means that there is a 2.39 percent chance of the average value for this data to be as low as it was if the true average MPG of the car was 19....
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