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CHEM 130 A.Bazell Fall 2007 MolecularEquationsSTUDENT.doc 8/28/07 Writing & Balancing Molecular Equations For the reactions listed below, write the reactants & their states, predict the products & their states based on the type of reaction, & balance the equations. Synthesis Reactions 1) potassium metal reacts with fluorine gas. 2) Nitrogen gas reacts with hydrogen gas under high temperature to form ammonia gas. 3) Sulfur trioxide gas dissolves in water to form sulfuric acid. Decomposition Reactions 4) Solid calcium carbonate is heated to form solid calcium oxide & carbon dioxide gas. 5) Water undergoes electrolysis to form oxygen gas & hydrogen gas.
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Unformatted text preview: Single Replacement Reactions 6) Aluminum metal is placed in aqueous nitric acid. 7) Copper metal is immersed in a silver chlorite solution. (hint: aqueous copper(II) chlorite is one of the products) Double Displacement Reactions 8) Aqueous barium bromate is mixed with aqueous lithium phosphate. 9) Hydrochloric acid reacts with aqueous magnesium hydroxide. 10) Aqueous manganese(V) perchlorate is mixed with aqueous sodium sulfide. Combustion Reactions 11) Propane gas, C 3 H 8 , is burned. 12) Cesium metal oxidizes in air....
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