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Appendix C US/101 Version 5 1 Associate Level Material Appendix C Goal Evaluation Scenarios Goal Evaluation Scenario 1 Name: James Gender: Male Age: Late 30s Description: James has an average build. He works at a local university, is married, and has two children in elementary school. Goal: James wants to pursue his dream since high school of playing for the San Diego Chargers football team. Goal Action Plan Goal: Play middle linebacker for the San Diego Chargers Type of goal: Personal, professional, and financial Purpose of goal: I will be able to fulfill my lifelong dream of being paid to play a game. The notoriety and perks associated with being a professional athlete will be nice, too. Major benefit to me: Larger paycheck, better physical condition, travel, and some fame Benefit to others: My family will benefit from the extra money. The rest of the linebacking corps will benefit from my spirited play and nose for the football. Barriers: My age and size could be factors. Lack of experience is another obstacle. Geographic location is also a problem. Solution: I can’t do much about my age, but I can begin bulking up through proper diet and exercise. I can gain experience by joining a full-contact league here in my city. I can wait to move until after I make the team. Action milestones: Gain 20 pounds; gain another 20 pounds; join a full-contact league; try out for the Chargers Overall target date: 2 years from this August, when training camp starts
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US/101 Version 5 2 Goal Evaluation Scenario 2 Name: Jie Gender: Female Age: Late 20s Description: Jie works as a financial advisor for a midsized financial firm. She is single and enjoys a close relationship with her family members. She is not physically active because she tires easily and is often absent from work because of illness. Goal: Jie has always been underweight and wants to improve her health and stamina by gaining 5 pounds. Goal Action Plan Goal: Gain 5 pounds in 1 month in a healthy way Type of goal: Personal, health-related Purpose of goal: By gaining 5 pounds, my BMI could go from underweight to normal weight, which will make me healthier. Major benefit to me: Healthier body, more energetic, and less chance of getting sick Benefit to others: Fewer sick days and able to do more outdoor activities with family Barriers: My body system doesn’t absorb nutrition very well. I eat a lot, but it is hard for me to gain weight. I don’t like desert, drink soda, like anything sweet, like fried food, or like any food that’s greasy. Solution: I like carbs, so I will eat more carbs in my meals. I also like avocado, which has a high calorie count. I will eat more. Exercise makes me have more desire to eat. I will jog 20 to 30 minutes twice daily. I will eat after the workout. Action milestones:
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us101_r5_appendix_c_goal_evaluation_scenarios - Appendix C...

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