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Wk 3 DQ#2 - Wk 3 DQ#2 Once you have a list of things that...

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Wk 3 DQ#2 Once you have a list of things that would create your perfect life you can begin to prioritise them and break them down into smaller chunks or goals. Simply work through your list and decide which is the most important and write 1 by it, [ [ the next most important write 2 and so on. You may have a list of 20 things or only 1, it makes no difference as the process is the same. Say your number 1 goal is to buy your dream home for you and your family. First you need to find out what the type of home that you want costs in the area where you want to live and set a date by when you want to achieve this goal. Next, what would your income need to be to buy this home. Write the income and the date down as in this example. By (date) I will be earning (amount) per month. Next break the goal down into smaller chunks. With the income goal you have set, get a piece of paper and brainstorm some ideas on how you could achieve this. For example Get a
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