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1.Budget formal written statement of management's plans for a time period, expressed in financial terms. 2.Budget committee group responsible for coordinating prep of the budget. 3.Budgetary slack amount by which manager intentionally under/overestimates budgeted revenues/expenses in order to make it easier to achieve budgetary goals. 4.Budgeted balance sheet projection of financial position at the end of budget period. 5.Budgeted income statement estimate of the expected profitability of operations for the budget period. 6.Cash budget projection of anticipated cash flows. 7.Direct labor budget projection of the quantity+cost of direct labor necessary to meet production reqs. 8.Direct materials budget estimate of the quantity and cost of direct materials to be purchased. 9.Financial budgets Individual budgets that focus primarily on the cash resources needed to fund expected operations and planned capital expenditures. 10.Long-range planning
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