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Ch 10 Human Resource Management terms

Ch 10 Human Resource Management terms - Ch 10 Human...

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Ch 10 Human Resource Management – Terms 1. Definition – a. Formal systems for the management of people within an organization. 2. Strategic Human Resource Management – a. Creates Value b. IS rare c. Difficult to imitate d. Organized 3. Human Capital – a. Knowledge skills and abilities of employees that have economic value b. “executives have come to appreciate that their employees can be their organization’s most valuable resources 4. Job Analysis – a. Precursor for all HRM programs. b. Investigative procedure. What is entailed. Characteristically in a job. c. Job description/job specification 5. Job description – a. Catalog of what functions employee will do. Also states the working conditions. b. Document that describes the essential tasks, duties, and responsibilities involved in performing a job. 6. Job specification – a. Experience, training, education, personality, cognitivie. b. Document that describes the skills, knowledge, abilities, and other characterisitics needed to perform a job. 7. HR Planning Process – a. Demand Forecasts, Internal Labor Supply, External Labor Supply, Job Analysis. b. “Get me the right kind and the right number of people at the right time” 8. Demand Forecasts – a. Determining how many and what type of people are needed. 9. Labor Supply Forecasts – a. How many and what types of employees the organization actually will have. b. The supply of labor. 10. Reconciling Supply and Demand – a. Hire, promote, or outsource employee/work b. Attrition/lay off employees 11. Job Analysis – a. Tool to determine what is done on a given job and what should be done on that job. b. Consists of: Job description/Job Specification Staffing the Organization: Recruitment, Selection, and Outplacement 1. Recruitment – a. Development of a pool of applicants for jobs in an organization.
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