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Accy 510 Brewery Homework Assignment Objectives: - Think about what information is needed to prepare organizational financial statements - Consider what certain users may find relevant / faithfully representative Rob brews beer for personal consumption and for sale. On the 1 of October, Rob had: st < 5 kegs of beer, each costing Rob $125 to make in September; < $800 in cash; < An invoice for $400 from Vaughan’s Cleaning Supply for two months’ worth of cleaning and disinfecting agents Rob purchased in September, with full payment due by the 25 of th October, but stating that Rob need only pay $375 if he pays by the 15 of October; and th < Brewing equipment with a historical cost of $2,700, accumulated depreciation of $1,800, and an estimated remaining useful life of 2 years. The brewing equipment could be sold for $740 on the 1 of October. A new piece of equipment would cost $3,000, and it st would cost Rob an extra $150 to customize it for his unique brewing process. It will cost Rob $130 per keg to brew beer in October, and he can sell beer for $150 per keg in
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