Accy 510 Discussion questions for Silic case

Accy 510 Discussion questions for Silic case - would demand...

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Accy 510 Discussion questions for Silic case - homework assignment 1) Before its conversion to a SIIC, how did Silic create value for its investors? What was its business model? 2) Silic converted to a SIIC (the French version of a REIT, or Real Estate Investment Trust) in 2003. What is a REIT/SIIC, and how does it differ from a more traditional business form? (You can use a search engine to find this easily.) 3) How do you think that Silic’s conversion from a more traditional organization to a SIIC changed (a) Silic’s business model and (b) the accounting information that Silic’s investors
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Unformatted text preview: would demand? Hint: here you should link (a) and (b) formally; how do any changes in the business model impact the investors’ demand for accounting information? 4) When Silic became a SIIC, it had to perform a fair value re-measurement of investment properties in 2003. For what reasons would the French regulators require Silic and other SIICs to perform this re-measurement? 5) Which accounting option do you think Silic should choose when they adopt IFRS? Should they stay with historical cost accounting or use fair value accounting?...
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